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Little kings in their little kingdoms

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I have a couple of rules, some advice I give to myself, and that I have to remind me every now and then. One of those rules is: “Always pick your battles. You can’t fight them all”.

But also, every now and then, I forget about these simple rules, or I just don’t listen to that more experienced and calm voice. And then is when I get angry.

The last time I experienced this wasn’t long ago and it was triggered by one of the things I really can’t stand: little kings defending their little kingdoms. Oh, they make me mad.

These little kings build their little kingdoms making promises of respect and tolerance; of love and harmony. They always do.

These little kings like to think they were proclaimed by the people and state they love democracy. But wait... A democratic king? What a convenient oxymoron!

These little kings also like... no, wait, they need to have enemies to justify their power. “Don’t trust them. They will only bring chaos”, the little kings say to maintain the status quo, while they do whatever is in their power to keep these enemies away and silent.

What bothers me the most about these little kings is how they are capable of anything to “defend” their little kingdoms. Vanishing, political persecutions, and public executions. Everything is valid to perpetuate themselves in the throne.

In this particular situation, with this particular little king and his particular little kingdom, I was banished because I followed a brave leader who dared to question the authority of this little king. This brave leader democratically asked the people if they would be in favor of a change and, in the face of overwhelming rejection, this little king had no better idea than to vanish the brave leader and all his followers.

We now wander amongst different kingdoms while that tiny little king keeps ruling in his tiny little kingdom. But he won’t be able to rest, because the people will always be there, waiting, ready to take back what’s rightfully theirs.

Originally published in Status Nº 113 - November 2020

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