Inside Status

We believe that impro is a wonderful tool that can be approached from many angles and can be used in many fields. That's why each issue is produced with the idea of displaying a broader picture on improvisation with different segments such as:


Improvisation is an activity that comprehends many different ways of understanding it and this fundamental characteristic provides a fertile ground for diverse points of view and debate. What do you think?


We stand in the shoulders of giants. To better understand our artform is necessary to know the men and women that built the foundations of theatre, from Ancient Greece to our contemporaries. A journey throughout the story of universal theatre.


The most relevant names of worldwide improvisation answer our questions about their personal history, their relationship with impro, their ideas, and projects.


Do you want to know what's cooking beyond your community? We travel around the world searching for people and groups that are working, creating, and offering new ways of approaching our art form outside of the mainstream.


 Though every year we find more books that show the theoretical growth of improvisation, we consider that area is still in development. In this segment, we will share different tools and researches that will help you boost your impro.


Do you want to become a better teacher? Improviser and teacher Laura Doorneweerd-Perry brings us different tips and exercises to work in our classrooms and rehearsals.


To understand our present is fundamental to know our past. We're going to learn about how impro was developed in different communities from personal, social, and cultural perspectives.


Everything you should know about what's happening in our universe in one place.