• Feña Ortalli

10 years ago

Updated: Sep 2

10 years ago I was designing and editing the first issue of this magazine.

10 years ago I never thought I would be writing these lines.

10 years ago I started to connect with my teaching self.

10 years ago I realized I wanted to be more theoretical in my craft.

10 years ago I started traveling more often.

10 years ago I knew I wanted to keep traveling.

10 years ago I went to Canada as part of my honeymoon (and didn't improvise).

10 years ago I was part of a movement that believed improvisers should get together.

10 years ago I was 31.

10 years ago I didn't know I was going to move to Spain.

10 years ago I weighed 10 kilos less (thank you, Spain)

10 years ago I didn't believe impro could be taught (or performed) through a computer screen.

10 years ago I didn’t think impro could pay the bills.

10 years ago I started this snowball.

10 years ago I released the first issue of Status Impro Magazine.

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